Jarek 2018 Senior

My own senior…..#2!

Jarek is SUCH a great kid, and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine, he really is!  He’s involved in Student Council, and Skills USA.  He’s a mix between class clown and teacher’s pet.  He knows how to have fun but also brings in those grades.  He’s played soccer since he was three and will start his third year of swim team next month.  He’s hoping to help coach the younger kids on the team this year, he’s SO good with little kids!  He LOVES schedules and always needs to know what’s coming next.  He’s dependable and works hard at his job.  He loves to tease his brothers and sister, but always watches out for them.  He has received a few college acceptance letters already, but hasn’t decided where he’s going yet.  I know that wherever he goes, and whatever he does in life, he’s going to be AMAZING!  Oh, and did I mention that he’s a seriously good looking kid??






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